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Author: Stefan

How to create animated video for business with VideoMakerFX

How to create animated marketing videos for business Nowadays every business needs a video, but not all of them know how to make one. Not by far! Did you know that only 6% of U.S. based small Business use YouTube? In fact, only 61% of Enterprise Business do. That’s actually good news for you! Less competition… To make a marketing video for your business is not that complicated if you have the right tools. I have found that VideoMaker FX is really easy to use and it will create awesome professional videos that you can use in your own...

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Instant YouTube Rankings

Instant YouTube Rankings Did you know that you can rank YouTube videos instantly? Yes, you heard me! Instantly! This is a technique that has been kept very secret. Not many people know about it. Even fewer people uses it! This will give you a huge advantage! Imagine putting up a video for a local business and be able to sell the leads right away! And in the local market THERE IS NO COMPETITION! You can make huge revenue on this! Watch the video below and get fired up! Credit: Source-Wave...

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450+ free business resources for startups

450+ free tools resource guide for business and startups Have you ever tried to set up a website from scratch? Surfing around the web to find tools for your design project? Maybe you have searched for free images or sounds? Well, look no further! The Ultimate Startup Resource is your answer! This ultimate guide contains loads of tools for you and your business. The best part is that they are all free! You’ll find tools for design, management, software, courses, websites, content creation, link building, logo creaton, webinars, you name it! Why pay for expensive tools when you can get...

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The Set-Up Behind A MASSIVE Pay-Per-Lead Business

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Is a great way to make an income online. Selling leads to local business can be highly profitable. ALL business needs new customers. You can setup local webpages or youtube videos, add a virtual phonenumber to a partner/customer, and sell those phonecalls/leads to your partner using Callfire. You can sell them based on the number of calls to a cost that is based on the value of their cutomers. Smart and easy! 🙂 Check out Brian Burts video below! Source: Brian Burt – Passive and...

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